Structures in Halkhoria forest demolished

Original article (now deleted) was at:   Structures in Halkhoria forest demolished Added At:  2012-06-28 11:18 PM    Last Updated At: 2012-06-28 11:18 PM DIWAKAR BHANDARI PATHALAIYA: District Forest Office, Bara on Thursday demolished illegal structures in the Halkhoria forest area after Ram Bahadur Bamjan, popularly known as the Buddha Boy, left the forest and … Continue reading Structures in Halkhoria forest demolished

Bamjan’s boys go unruly, beat up journos

Original article (now deleted) was at:*/   Bamjan's boys go unruly, beat up journos Added At:  2012-03-22 12:08 AM    Last Updated At: 2012-03-22 12:08 AM HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE PATHLAIYA: Volunteers attending to Ram Bahadur Bamjan, who is said to be meditating in the Halkhoriya jungle area of Bara since 2005, today beat up five … Continue reading Bamjan’s boys go unruly, beat up journos

Buddha Boy aides beat up villagers

Buddha Boy aides beat up villagers Added At:  2012-12-03 10:27 PM Last Updated At: 2012-12-03 10:27 PM HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE SARLAHI:Aides of Ram Bahadur Bomjan, known as Buddha Boy, who is taking shelter at Sarlahi’s Pattharkot, thrashed local youths on Sunday night, police said. Bomjan’s aides took 13 local youths under their control and assaulted … Continue reading Buddha Boy aides beat up villagers