Buddha Boy leaves Halkhoria forest

Buddha Boy leaves Halkhoria forest http://www.thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=Buddha+Boy+leaves+Halkhoria+forest&NewsID=336193 Added At:  2012-06-15 11:21 PM    Last Updated At: 2012-06-15 11:21 PM DIWAKAR BHANDARI PATHALAIYA: Ram Bahadur Bamjan, popularly known as the Little Buddha who has recently courted controversy over his attempt to procure a citizenship certificate on the basis of forged documents, has left his meditation site in the … Continue reading Buddha Boy leaves Halkhoria forest

Structures in Halkhoria forest demolished

Original article (now deleted) was at: http://www.thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=Structures+in+Halkhoria+forest+demolished&NewsID=337656   Structures in Halkhoria forest demolished Added At:  2012-06-28 11:18 PM    Last Updated At: 2012-06-28 11:18 PM DIWAKAR BHANDARI PATHALAIYA: District Forest Office, Bara on Thursday demolished illegal structures in the Halkhoria forest area after Ram Bahadur Bamjan, popularly known as the Buddha Boy, left the forest and … Continue reading Structures in Halkhoria forest demolished