Bamjan’s captive Marichi in Lama hotel‚’severe’

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Bamjan’s captive Marichi in Lama hotel‚’severe’

Added At:  2012-03-26 10:00 AM

Last Updated At: 2012-03-26 12:10 PM


KATHMNDU: A Slovakian national Marichi who was allegedly held captive by Buddha Boy Ram Bahadur Bamjan has been discovered in a severe condition on Monday morning at Simara-based Lama Hotel.

It has been learnt that Marichi, 35, was held captive by Bodi Shrawan Dharma Sangh formed to protect Bamjan, three months back for trying to distract Bamjan’s meditation.

Sangh had left her to Lama hotel, owned by Krishna lama only on Sunday night.

“It seems Marichi has gone through physical and mental suffering during the period of confinement. Bruises in her body indicate she was beaten,” Avenues TV confirmed.

Marichi had come to Nepal last year to meet Bamjan and was missing since December 28.

According to Locals of Ratnapur in Simara, Sangh has also confined another woman from Sindhupalchowk identified as Mata.

The Sangh has accused them of practising witchcraft to disrupt Bamjan’s meditation.

Two women held captive in Bamjan’s ashram

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archive is snapshot of Marichi in Lama Hotel severearchive is snapshot of Marichi in Lama Hotel severe2


THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE AT’s+captive+Marichi+in+Lama+hotel‚’severe’&NewsID=325521  HAD BEEN MADE INASSECCISBLE.

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